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Why Sangamo


Sangamo values every one of our employees. In order to ensure their health and well-being, Sangamo has established a comprehensive safety program. Compliance with all aspects of the safety program is a requirement of employment. Aspects of our safety program include:

  • Pre-project construction safety engineering meetings to identify and mitigate safety hazards
  • Pre-employment and random drug testing
  • Mandatory daily safety compliance meetings conducted on all project sites before work begins
  • Weekly professional independent safety compliance inspections performed on all project sites
  • Hazard awareness training for all supervisory personnel
  • Annual OSHA compliance and first aid training for supervisory personnel
  • Incentive/disincentive program to recognize safety program compliance

In addition to our employees, all independent contractors working for Sangamo must agree to adhere to the same safety requirements by signing a project safety policy before commencing work.

Our commitment to safety has enabled us to consistently maintain a work experience modifier well below the industry standard and has allowed us to continuously attract the best and brightest employees in our industry.

BITCO Award for Employee Safety

Our safety program and experience was recognized for its innovation and effectiveness by BITCO Insurance with its Certificate of Excellence for Employee Safety award for the 2015 construction season.

On several occasions, Sangamo has received the AGC annual safety award for no accidents.


Our Beginnings

Sangamo Construction Company was founded in 1925. It was born out of a partnership between John Mueth Jr, B.F. Nelch, Franklin Nelch, and John Bretz. All were Springfield businessmen involved in construction with considerable firms of their own. They aggregated their capacities under the name Sangamo in order to pursue larger public works projects that were beginning to materialize in the marketplace. They consummated their partnership at an eating establishment in Springfield known as the Sangamo Club and chose the same name for their firm.

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Currently, Sangamo is operated under the guidance of Allan Reyhan Jr., President, and Matthew Reyhan, Vice President, who represent the third generation of family ownership. Under their leadership, Sangamo has continued to set itself apart as one of the most respected builders of bridges and flatwork in Central and Southern Illinois. 

Sangamo is very active in the Associated General Contractors. Allan Reyhan Jr. has served two terms as president of the Associated General Contractors of Illinois (AGCI).

Allan and Matthew currently serve as trustees on multiple industry craft pension boards.



The John Mueth, Jr. Foundation was set up in 1965 to assist local community organizations. Annually since its inception, the Foundation has awarded donations to deserving organizations within the community. To date, the Foundation has distributed over $800,000.

A few of the past recipients of the award include:

  • Camp Coco - SIU Foundation
  • St. John's Breadline
  • St. Martin DePorres Center
  • Salvation Army
  • American Red Cross
  • St. Patrick's School